School Profile


School Profile

School Profile 2018-2019
Principal Kazuko Nagao (
Director of Senior High School Katsushi Kanda (
Director of Junior High School Midori Tanaka (
Number of Students 1,217
Address 2-2-1 Kairoyamaminami, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima 731-5138 JAPAN
Phone +81-82-921-2137
Fax +81-82-924-3020
General School Description: Hiroshima Nagisa Junior High School and Senior High School is one of the top academic schools in Hiroshima prefecture. The ratio of successful applicants is 20~25% in the entrance examinations for both junior and senior high school. 100% of our students proceed to higher education. They are accepted at prestigious universities and colleges around Japan, such as Kyoto University and Waseda University, and also in America, Asia and European countries.
Our school is also known to be a school that offers various original programs which nurture students’ creativity and humanity. Our curriculum offers students a wide range of choices in their studies and implements the idea of Liberal Arts. There are a number of students who succeed in their extra-curricular activities and they have made outstanding achievements in national competitions. Our tennis, swimming, baton twirling, orchestra, announcement and naginata (Japanese traditional martial art) teams have competed at national levels in 2018. Also, one of our students was selected as a finalist in the Lausanne International Ballet Competition in 2018.

Admissions: The admissions are highly selective. Our school offers an entrance examination once per year, in January for junior high school and February for senior high school, April enrolment session only.

Grading Systems and Ranking: Hiroshima Nagisa Junior High School and Senior High School uses a grading scale of 1-5 scale (with 5 being the highest) for 1st-3rd year students. The school does not calculate a cumulative GPA. Grades are not weighted.

Subject Offerings: The 1st year students in high school study mostly compulsory General Subject Areas. In the 2nd and the 3rd year, students have a wider choice of elective subjects in specialized as well as general subject areas.

Subject Areas at high school (For graduates until March, 2020)
1st year
Subject Credits
Integrated Japanese 5
World History A 2
Contemporary Society 2
Mathematics I 4
Mathematics A 3
Basic Chemistry 2 (elective)
Science and Human Living 2 (elective)
Basic Biology 2
Physical and Health Education 3
Art I 2
Communication English I 6
General Communication of English 2
Creativity 2
Humanity 1
2st year
2nd year Credits for humanities course Credits for science course
Contemporary Japanese B 5 2
Classics (Japanese) B 4 3
Japanese History A N/A 2 (elective)
Japanese History B 4 (elective) 4 (elective)
World History B 4 (elective) N/A
Geography B 3 (elective) 4 (elective)
Politics and Economy 3 (elective) 2 (elective)
Mathematics II 3 (elective) 5
Mathematics B 2 (elective) 3
Physics / Biology N/A 3
Basic Chemistry 2 (elective) 2
Chemistry N/A 2
Basic Biology 1 (elective) N/A
Physical and Health Education 4 4
Communication English II 6 6
English Conversation 1 1
Information Technology 1 1
Humanity 1 1
Integrated Study 1 3 (elective) N/A
Integrated Study 2 2 (elective) N/A
Integrated Study 3 3 (elective) N/A
3st year
3rd year Credits for humanities course Credits for science course
Contemporary Japanese N/A 2 (elective)
Contemporary Japanese B 3 N/A
Japanese Expression 2 (elective) N/A
Classics (Japanese) N/A 2 (elective)
Classics (Japanese) B 4 N/A
Japanese History B 4 (elective) N/A
World History B 4 (elective) N/A
Ethics 3 (elective) N/A
Geography B 3 (elective) N/A
Social Studies Practice N/A 3 (elective)
Mathematics Practice 2 (elective) N/A
Mathematics II 4 (elective) N/A
Mathematics III N/A 8 (elective)
Integrated Mathematics N/A 3
Art II 2 (elective) N/A
Integrated Study A 2 (elective) N/A
Integrated Study B 2 (elective) N/A
Physics / Biology N/A 4
Biology Practice 2 (elective) N/A
Chemistry N/A 5
Chemistry Practice 2 (elective) N/A
Integrated Science N/A 2
International I 2 (elective) N/A
English Practice 2 (elective) NA
Physical and Health Education 2 2
Communication English III 6 6
English Conversation 1 1
Language Communication Comprehensive 1 1
Integrated English N/A 2
Information Technology 1 1
Humanity 1 1

Total Graduation Credits: 106

University Acceptance: Out of 189 students who graduated in March 2018, 185 students were accepted into four-year universities, including 5 universities overseas.

University Acceptance List

The following is a partial list of prominent universities.

<National Universities>

Kyoto University

Hokkaido University

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Osaka University

Kobe University

Kyushu University

Hiroshima University

Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine

Yamagata University

Tsukuba University

Tokyo Medical and Dental University

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Kyoto University of Education

Okayama University

Yamaguchi University

Kagawa University

Tokushima University

Ehime University

Nagasaki University

Ryukyu University

<Private Universities>

Waseda University

Keio University

Tokyo University of Science

International Christian University

Gakushuin University

Meiji University

Aoyama Gakuin University

Rikkyo University

Chuo University

Hosei University

Saitama Medical University

Nihon University

Kansei Gakuin University

Kansai University

Doshisha University

Ritsumeikan University

Kinki University

Ryukoku University

Doshisha Women's College of Liberal Arts

Kansai Gaidai University

<Universities Overseas>


University of Queensland


University of Szeged

South Korea

Yonsei University


University of Sussex


University of California, Riverside


Chung Yuan Christian University

National Cheng Kung Univeristy

National Chung Hsing University

Shih Chien University

Tunghai University

Yuan Ze University

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